my girlfriend isn't aroused often and wants it whenever she wants it, but not anytime i want it?

OK. umm i have a girlfriend and shes not in the mood for sex often. i've tried everything. some women say that it takes work and sympathy for the woman to be relaxed. she always saids that she needs to be in the mood whether i do something nice or just by random chance. what i don't understand in all this is why does it matter sometimes she needs to be in the mood? i don't it sometimes when im not in the mood, just to make her happy. she never does the that for me. im so tired of having to go through all day methods just to get sex at the end of the night. its way to much work and stressful. why can't she be a little bit more cooperative. like for a while i would give it to her whenever she asked. then one night she was naked in my bedroom and said im horny, can you help me out? i said no for the first time. then she asked me if i was mad. and thats exactly what i mean. its like she expects me to do it whenever it suits her. thats not fair. so what do i do to make it seem more fair about all this?
By concerned101 15 years ago :: General
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