I need to know if I should tell my ex-girlfriend the truth and try to get her back or just move on.

I dated this girl for about 3 years and we lived together for 2 of those years. I broke up with her about a month ago for a couple of reasons which I will discuss below. She is ready to get married and I do love her very much. She has a lot of great qualities and I love her mom too. Please let me know what I should do.

Number 1 Reason: At the beginning of our relationship, on one of our first dates she asked where I graduated undergrad from and I told her University X for some reason. Truth is I never graduated and now I want to go back and finish, but I can't without blowing my stupid lie. She's in law school right now and I haven't finished undergrad. I'm afraid if I tell her now she may never talk to me again.

Number 2 Reason: We do have different tastes in things, design sense (I like modern, she likes classic), she doesn't share the same music or movie interests (I listen to everything and watch indie films, she likes only country music and blockbuster type movies). This makes it difficult to go out and enjoy a music concert, play, movie, etc together. Not a deal breaker, but...

What should I do?
By NEDCLA 16 years ago :: Dating
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