What to do when you realize you dont want to move on?

My boyfriend and i broke up about 3 weeks ago now. he left me and moved in with his daughters mom and i know i think they are in a relationship. we have been talking and seeing each other still.

i dont feel like he is talking to me as much as i want him to and when i tried to tell him this today he said i was just coming across as whining and complaining. and that he really didn't have to deal with this from me. i try to be understanding about his schedule. he works 7 days a week 12 hours each day and i know he is tired, he made time to see me and spend time with me this past weekend but all this week so far he has been so tired from work that he has not come over.

i have seen him though becuase he asks me to have breakfast with him on his breaks and i have several times this week. i dont know if i am being unreasonable or what, but i am feeling a little neglected because we dont talk much. i feel like he should atleast make time during the day to call me and it wouldnt kill him to call even if was a quick min at night. but he says he usually goes right to sleep.

i just realized as well that i dont want to move on and we had a big fight today and he said this was a bad idea and maybe we shouldn't talk at all?
By 14 years ago :: Marriage
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