Do I help pay for my wife's bills (who live 2000 miles away)?

My wife who I love and deeply miss now lives in another state with our kids and dog. She has gotten a job enrolled the kids in school and rented a house. She has been out state for the past 4 months and does not discuss the potential to move back into our home that i currently live in and pay the mortgage with no assistance from her. She requires me to pay the children's school bills and any expense they incur such as clothing, food, and medical. on top of that I have to pay for airline tickets and stay in a hotel when i come down to visit again all out of my pocket expense. When I was transitioning from one job to the other I asked her to help me pay some credit card bills she said no and those were my responsibility. She was very upset that I had incurred all that debt and i needed to work on paying it off on my own was her direction to me. I have taken that on as well to be credit card free. Her new job doesn't pay as much as her old one and my current job pays well. I have taken on another job to help pay the bills and boost up an emergency fund since I don't get any support from her both financial and emotional. When she talks to me it is always about expenses for the kids or this bill needs to be paid (I even had to pay bills that she left unpaid before the move). I love my wife very much and only wish the best for her and the kids and so far have paid all the bills for both households but today after a week of no communication she calls up to ask for help to pay on her second car which has just over half a year till it is paid off (We purchased the car together). I feel like I give and give and never get anything back. I want to do the right thing but to say no seems right but my heart says something else!
By Bull 15 years ago :: Marriage
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