Help: My boyfriend told me he is a virgin last night, how do I respond?

We are both nearly 26, we have been a couple for about 4 months now, I knew he was very religious and probably hadn't been with many girls but I didn't know that he was a virgin (he is holding out for marriage). I mean I don't have a problem with that, I wouldn't mind waiting 2 years for him I am very happy, thrilled even, but I am worried about what he expects of me. I have been with 3 guys, I don't think that is a lot for my age but last night when he told me he was a virgin I kinda felt like he wanted me to say something (state my status), I played dumb and he never came out and asked me, but I am sure it will come up. When he told me he was I just said something like "OK", or "that's okay", I don't remember which, I was really nervous. I mean I think he should know I am not, he knows I was with my ex for 4 years. Is 3 guys too many? What do I say to him if he asks me? What should I have said to him last night?
By 12 years ago :: Dating
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