Sex with me and my gf?

I cheated on my gf like two months ago so she didn't even know about it and well today she told me she had cheated on me on wednesday. she's 14 and im 14 and so i told her we were even and well, i told her i loved her and that i would never do it again if she promised the same and seriously i will never ever will think about cheating on her again. so do you people think she will do the same on will she cheat on me again? because well we were at my house and the she saw the girl that i cheated that i kissed, because my brother told her to come inside my house and so my gf told me to tell her to leave and i said i couldn't because she was with my brother not with me and so she just left crying and i also know the guy she kissed but i just don't understand why i don't feel bad that she cheated on me? i still love her and i don't care because i know she won't cheat on me again. what do i do? do i call her and explain everything or what? can i lie a little bit to make everything work? why can she get all upset and i can't why can i forgive her and she can't? what do i do?
By 15 years ago :: Dating
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