Is he using his jewish faith as a cop out?

I'm dating a jewish guy who says he can't marry me because I'm not Jewish. He said his family wont approve of it. We went out on 2 dates and had undeniably great connection and chemistry. Nothing physical has happened. He says I'm the most amazing woman he has ever met. I asked if he can't ever marry me then why is he still talking to me and he said becasue I turn him on. Is he just trying to sow his oates before he chooses a jewish girl? He says he wants to know me long term but as a friend. He says he's torn between what he wants and what his family wants. What should I do? I havent seen him for two weeks but we text each other all the time, negotiating. He asked if we could love each other temporarily and I said you can' put a time limit on love and he said he could. Should I seduce him and hope he falls for me? He's 30 and I'm 32 He was also born in Russia but came here when he was 9 and is very close with his family.
By confusedgirl 15 years ago :: Dating
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