How can I stop my brother bringing my ex home?

My brother and I both still live at home becuase of education costs, however I can't feel comfortable in the house half of the week because my brother insists on having my ex over constantly.

The situation with my ex is especially bad, becuase he cheated with and left me for my (now ex) best friend. Furthermore, my brother and he did not even know of each other before we started dating, so it is not as though I should have seen this coming from before the relationship.

I'm not asking much - just that they go to his house instead of ours.

My parents keep telling me that I'm being juvenile and to get over it, but I don't feel comfortable with him in the house - and my firm belief is that a person in a normal situation would be able to heal properly without a constant reminder of a painful time barging into the house without knocking every second day.
By pinkvsblue 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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