What do I do about a cousin constantly injuring my 4 year old son?

My son started headstart for the first time this summer. He was 3 years old when he started. My cousin's child is also in my son's class. He is 5 and is way bigger than all the other students. This child is a problem at school. He is constantly causing problems for the class. I know this because the teachers have told me. There were 2 previous times that my son has came home and said the boy has kicked him in the back or shoved him down to the floor. Once my son is on the floor he will fall down into my son's back as if immitating wrestling moves. My son has complained of his back hurting and has two scars on his back that have been there since starting school. The doctor's said they don't think there is damage because he can bend and it hasn't caused him to be inactive. I have called the parents and they just told the boy to apoligize.
Today my son came home for the 3rd time and said his cousin stomped his foot then hit him in the back again. I took a look at his foot and it has a lump on it and he complains of pain. I called the parent and she asked why am I calling her about this? She said the teachers shouldn't LET them do this. She said her baby isn't a bully and they shouldn't have told me of all the problems her child has caused at the school. She went on to say that the teachers said my son was dumb and couldn't write his name.. He was only 3 when he got there of course he couldn't write his name.It's her way of getting the heat off the REAL issue. She said my son must be talking about another kid or the last time the incident happened. I assured her that there was a lump and it happened today.
The teachers can't do anything with this kid. He hit a teacher across the arm with a chair last week. The teacher has been out of school since this incident. Of course the parent said the teacher must of PROVOKED her child to hit her. They have put him out of class and called the parents. Nothing has worked for this kid. His parents take him out of school for a couple of days for a break I guess. He comes back with the same behavior. My son is a very quiet child. The teachers have bragged and said they wished all of their students were that way. He loves his classmates and his teachers. I'm going to talk to someone about having him moved if there is slot in another class. What else can I do in this situation?? Any advice is appreciated.
By Lowalker 15 years ago :: Parenting
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