Is she hurting me on purpose/whom should i believe now?

Another question (i am so sorry to bother you guys but here are just too many problems in my life right now)
there is this one boy who used to like me or maybe still likes me. I dont know that for sure because his best buddy told me that and i heard from some of his friends that he thinks i am nice and so on.
First i did show a bit interest because ive been single now for a pretty long time but i wasnt sure if i even really liked him (needless to say something about love...). But to keep an option open i showed some
interest. A friend of mine thought i fell for him and at first she was happy for me and tried to get us together. But then we had a fight (wrote bout that before...) and we dont even talk to each other anymore. In my opinion it is very sad because i liked her, she was kind of my best friend but then something happened i had never expected her she would do. Well thats a whole other problem.
Back to the main one: today i was talking to a friend of mine just about the situation and the fight i had with the others. Then she told me that she heard "my boy" made her some compliments or something like that i am not sure. I didnt really dig into it because i was distracted, but later i met my former friends ex boyfriend and we had a normal conversation. I didnt knew that he knew about me and "this boy" but he told me that he still thinks i am nice. After that he added that my former best friend is noticeably picking contact with "this boy". He didnt say anything about that he maybe refused her so i think this thing about the compliments is true.
Maybe i am jealous maybe her ex boyfriend is jealous, so before i interpret something terribly wrong i rather let you decide.
Thanks a lot.
I am still not sure if i like him, he is just handsome and nice :)
By MsHelpless 15 years ago :: Dating
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