Are we on a break or not? What should I do? Move on and forget about her?

So this girl and I have known each other for over four years now. We were in a relationship for about seven months. During those seven months we had our ups and downs. About three weeks ago she said that she couldn't take much more of my being controling of her, what she calls being manipulative towards her. During our three week break so far, we've hunged out three times already, each time only for about an hour. We've kissed once and made out once out of those three times we've hunged out. We also have classes together every other day. On top of that, all our classes are together also. Just today, I went by her house to hangout, when we were in a relationship, I would use the back door of her house instead of the front door, every since the break, I've been using the front door, she asked me today why I didn't use the backdoor and I told her that things happened between us (the break). This was the day we've made out too. She asked if I wanted dumpling/pot stickers and I said sure. She left me in charge of the dumplings and left. She came back with her over coat off. The kind of coat that is just for looks because they're too small for anything else. She only had this tank top on. I could tell she was totally putting her self out there for me to make a move. She even started playing music on her lap top before coming over into the cooking area. When she came over she was on my right and her dog was on my left, I was facing the stove cooking the dumplings. She was leaning against the sink, within arms reach of me. As I finished sturring the dumplings she made a move towards me but I made a move towards the dog to pet him. Her move ended up kickin me in the butt, so I turned around and she said never mind. That's when I went up to her and held her in my arms. We stay like that for a bit, then we started slow dancing, soon after we started making out. I then left her house. That's where I'm at right now.
By ThomasBoy 14 years ago :: Dating
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