This post is for chickybabe along with an update from my previous post.....

chickybabe replies...
Haha! I agree. Notice this is the advice she jumps on. Which proves out theory that she's more interested in causing trouble for this other parent and defaming this other boy than she is about her child's safety. Bored fat housewife i

First off why is it when I asked for advice this is a reply that I get from you. I never once said I would take the advice of VikingBear's . I only said thanks for the input. Of course someone who has taught school as VikingBear has would be quite sensitive to the subject. I would never be a teacher(my patience are too thin for terror kids&parents who allow it!) I SAID my best choice would be to move my child. If you have time to get on a website where you are anonymous and call a person names then you must be bored and probably the fat one too. I I am quite slender actually and not bored at in the least bit (thus why I'm only on this site every now and then). When I look at all the posts you are here quite often...a little bored I guess!
And if you even problem is solved. I tried to update on yesterday but couldn't and still can't today. I went to the school to go on a field trip on yesterday. Before I can even sign my son in another boy is crying and said the kid punched him in the stomach. The teacher told the disruptive child to sit down but he wouldn't. He ran all around the room snatching crayons out of kids hands throwing them in their faces. When he finally sat down he took the table and shoved it into one 3 year old girl's stomach. He was asked to stop he continued to shove the table until he pinned the little girl against the wall. This kid is over 70 pounds. All the other kids are tiny like my son.The teacher called for the administrator who then asked the Grandmother to come pick him up. When the Grandmother got there he just got worse. She was embarrassed about it all.
The parent of the child said she would pull her child out. She says she's tired of teachers and parents coming to her daily complaining. She said her son isn't the only one that does things and she doesn't believe that he does all those things. So I wasn't the only parent complaining. I guess those parents were overreacting too as cherry said...
By Lowalker 14 years ago :: General
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