Am I out of line to ask for more time before we talk about the complaints my boyfriend has about me?

Today I recieved an email from my boyfriend of 2 years, stating he is disatisfied with the way I am handling my time and the negative way it impacts him. I conceded that he had legitimate concerns and that I would like to spend the next week working on the issues he raised, in hopes that it will be a non issue by then, and the arguing will not have to take place. I could tell he was in the mood to nit pick and I knew that it would very likely escalate. I felt it unnecessary, since I am in agreement and willing to work on the issues and show improvement over the next week. He says I am full of crap and that I am avoiding the issues, hoping to buy more time to waste. I am outraged. I am trying to be mature about this and he has disrespected me and called me every name in the book since. Am I wrong? I heard him out and agree with his points. He seems to want to do it in person and to have me have to give an account for all the ways he deems I am lacking. That's what it looks like to me, anyway.
By sauncy 14 years ago :: Dating
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