should he have bailed me out?

i am having some serious financial problems at the moment, and to top it off, my car completely died and then the registration ran out. ten days ago, my boyfriend recieved $4000 to do whatever he liked with it. even with my financial difficulties, i never asked him to give or lend me any money. he told me today that all the money was gone and that he spent it on booze and crap for his car. not once did he offer or suggest helping me out. i know i may sound greedy, but he wants to move in with me and my 2 kids and 'be a family'. if he cant help support us now, how will it be any different when we live together? i really hope that i'm overreacting, but my gut tells me to get out before its 2 late
By kimmie1983 15 years ago :: Dating
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