Been together 5 years, should I leave him?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 years and just recently moved in together. I own a small breed dog and he owns a large labrador. He has always been a horrible drunk, he either passes out or gets really angry for no reason.

Last week he came home drunk from being out with his friends. Now typically when he comes home drunk the dogs run away from him and hide. They can sense his anger/craziness and just know to stay away. Well on this particular night he felt the need to seek them out. I tried to pick my small dog up and he was scared silly so he peed on the floor. My boyfriend freaked out and through a large wooden scrubbing brush at my dog. It hit him in the chest and he ran away with his tail between his legs. My boyfriend then tried to pick the 80 pound lab up in the air at which point he dropped him. The lab didnt appear hurt but ran away just like my dog.

All the while I'm screaming at him telling him he's hurting them and to leave them alone. We then get into a screaming match about how he is acting psycho and needs anger mangement. And he's yelling at me that I care more about the dogs then him. He's a big guy, almost 5'11 around 260 lbs. So I was pretty scared. I just started crying and grabbed the dogs and locked myself in my bedroom.

We've been together for 5 years, and taken this big step to move in together and I'm just completely confused. He's had anger fits before but I've never really felt like my personal safety was threatened. I love animals and can't stand to see them get hurt by someone who is obviously 30 times larger than they are. Should I just walk away from our relationship? He refuses to go to counseling and refuses to quit drinking.
By Winks 16 years ago :: Dating
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