Should I reach out?...Or Should I let sleeping dogs lie?

Ok, this story starts way back when. I won't bore you with all of the details, however I will give you the key facts. I dated this particular guy back in college almost 10 years ago. It was nothing monumental to me, however when i ran into him about 5 years later he attempted to rekindle what we previously had. I turned him down because I was in a relationship at the time. I saw him at least 3 more times immediately after that in the damndest of places. I hadn't seen him or spoken to him in 5 years but all of a sudden, every time i turned around there he was! Each time he would try to get my phone number, and i continued to turn him down.

Eventually he saw a mutual friend, and got my phone number from her. I was out of a relationship, and from the moment we hung out we were inseperable for the next 3 months. Then suddenly he changed. He pretty much dropped me, broke my heart and we lost all communication. I moved to another city and that was that. This past summer he looked me up on Facebook. We began talking again, and finally i received some closure as to what happened in the past. Of course it involved another woman, and his explanation was that once he began seeing me, she contacted him and told him she was pregnant. He said he didn't know how to tell me.

By the time we reunited this last time, he had also moved to another city and his ex (she didn't have the baby) was living in our home city. We picked up our normal pattern of talking for hours over the phone about everything. Finally the holidays rolled around, and we both found ourselves back in our home city at the same time (he arrived a few days later). This is where the problem begins. He was supposed to arrive on Sunday. I waited for his phone call to let me know he arrived, and it never came. Monday: same thing. By Tuesday I figured he was flaking out again, and i sent him a scathing e-mail basically calling him a loser and telling him to never contact me again!.

I haven't heard from him since, and I find myself missing him. Did I act too hastily? Did I overreact and lose my cool? Should I attempt to open the line of communication again? Or am i just too silly to see that he just doesnt give a damn? Sorry to be so long winded.....figured this was better than dialing his number, which im soooo tempted to do :-(
By Shufly 14 years ago :: Dating
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