My husband thinks I'm possessive?

My husband of 9 years thinks that I am possessive because when he goes out I ask him where he is going and when he will return. I don't think this is possessive, I think it is caring. Also he complains that I call him when he is out. Last week I came home from work and he wasn't home but his car was there. I called his phone to find out he was next door. No big deal, I told him I would be home for a little while. When it was time for me to leave, I called him again and asked to come home for a minute so I could see him. He came home but never went back (his fault). Also, there is a concert coming up in a few months that he wants to go to. He can not get off from work so this shouldn't be an issue. However, I told him that I would not like him going because it is aboout 200 miles away, and he would leave me home with three kids. Please tell me if you think I am being possessive. I hope I'm not but would like to know.
By 15 years ago :: Marriage
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