Do you think it is unfair that being married to some one entitles you to half of their assets?

We all know most divorces in the US end in divorce, and that in divorce 99.9% of the time the sexist anti-male biased courts always award alimony to women, and give half of the mans assets regardless of weather have earned it himself or before the marriage to the woman, who often initiates the divorce , often for no reason, and often intentionally seeks to ruin the man. Not to mention that child custody is awarded to incompetent women over competent men 99% of the time as well.

I don't understand why being married to some one automatically entitles them to YOUR personal (not joint) money and assets, or joint assets you mostly paid for.Wouldn'tt divorce be less sexist and more fair if everyone came out with at least what they came in with? Nothing less?

Given the fact that women almost always comes out as queens when they divorce a man, is it any wonder so many men are unwilling to commit to marriage?

No i am not nor have i been maried; simple observation.
By 14 years ago :: Marriage
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