Should "I'm sorry" have been enough? In other words....shouldn't this other person have FIXED what they DID?

Someone borrowed my van (I was more than happy to lend it) to pick up a rather large item they purchased.

When they returned was on empty (which I can get over as they are young/newlyweds) and the bucket seat was removed from the track and not replaced.

I pointed it out (in a non harsh way...told her "I was happy to lend my van..." and asked that they come and put the seat back in to which I was told to either bring it to them at their house, meet them half way between their work and my home, OR wait 11 days for them to come fix it at my house.

After getting very disgruntled that it would take 11 days to put the seat back in I told her I would pay someone to put it back in and for her to put $20 in the mail to cover it...after all that is still WAY less than what they would have paid to have their item delivered and/or the gas they used of mine to pick it up.

My friend feels I'm being unreasonable and that charging $20 is an attempt to "punish" her like a child. I say this person has an ongoing sense of entitlement and this is just more of the same. (And no, I will not be putting myself in that position again!) : )

She did apologize, albeit begrudgingly, and feels "I'm sorry" should be enough. I feel it needed to be made "right" by fixing what was "un-done". Feedback?
By MakeMineTea 14 years ago :: General
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