How do i explain to my mom why i do not want to live at home anymore?

Long story short: my family life sucks. my parents separated 5 years ago after being together 25 years. my childhood was absolute hell, and it still is because my dad is an a**hole (and so are his brothers and sisters) and does not care one bit about us. its just drama of my life. ive been depressed for most of my life. didnt start looking for a job until two years ago (im almost 21), and thank god i finally found one. its a full time job, and *hopefully* ill be going to school part-time this fall...

i love my mom dearly, but i want to leave this place so badly. my mom does not understand at all why i want to leave and gets defensive when i try to explain it to her. she doesnt believe me that my sister felt the exact same way i do, until she left last year. i just want to GO as soon as i possibly can but i dont know how to tell her without making her get all defensive and angry that *gasp!* her adult daughter actually wants to be an adult and live on her own. my life is just so frustrating right now, and her not understanding is making it even worse. i am not like her. i have to be on the go. i have to be doing something different... i need a change and to be away from this drama that is constantly there. shed honestly be perfectly happy with me being 50 years old still living at home with her, so i dont know how to explain it to her.
By 14 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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