How would handle dealing with these situations with his ex?

My fiance (we'll call him Jack) and I have been together for almost two years now. He has a beautiful little girl ("A") and I have two beautiful little girls ("E" & "M"). My ex tries to get along with us for the most part, even though he says stuff that is inappropriate to our 4 yr old and his ex, well she purposely tries to make life difficult for all involved.

Situation 1) Jack and I had lived together for approximately two months and his ex (baby's mother) would send him naked text messages and messages stating that she wanted to put her family back together. She knew that we were together and she also was told numerous times to only contact if it directly had to do with their daughter. He told her that he didn't love her anymore and if she wouldn't have cheated numerous times, they wouldn't have been in this situation.

Situation 2) Tracked down my ex (father of child) and started sleeping with him and "dating" him.

Situation 3) To-be step daughter "A" comes home constantly with numerous bruises all over her body. Her Mother states that it's from her falling or running into things but "A" says that her mom hits her when she's naughty. We've called CPS and were told that 2 yr olds often make up stories and you can't rely on it. We have to take pictures on a regular basis of what "A" looks like when we get her back.

Situation 4) The pre-school teachers tell you that they know who has "A" during which weeks because of her personal hygene.

Situation 5) Jack's ex is constantly complaining about the child support that she gets because she states that it's not enough to live on however, she gives up 25% of her parenting time because there's a new boyfriend or a new party or something going on that doesn't involve being a mom. She's been laid off since Oct/Nov 2009 and refuses to get another job because she's "going to school full time". Note: I went to school full time and had a full time job with two kids at home all by myself and I was still on the honor roll.

How would you handle dealing with this person?
By BBP3 15 years ago :: Parenting
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