Realizing you might always be alone?

I am in the process of getting over someone. I'm realizing that he and i really never had much together. I more feel rejected by him. 6.5 year ago I got divorced. I had been with that person for 4 years. Last week i was laying in bed with recent break up guy (he was a jerk) and i had a vision of my ex husband. I thought to myself, wow my ex husband is such a better person than this loser. It has made me realize that A. I am not over my ex husband or B. I have really lowered my standards since my ex. I'm also 31, not 24 anymore. I dont think i'm over the hill in terms of still getting married, having a family...but i'm not sure i see it happening? I have had SUCH bad luck since my ex, but obviously he was not good luck either or we wouldnt be divorced. I have gone on sooo many online dates the past year and i never like the people. They are either weird or just unattractive to me. I feel done with dating, but i still want a feels like i cant give up even this makes me unhappy. Has anyone ever felt like this? I know they say when you stop looking that's when things happen...but i kind of think that's crap. Ive also heard people say that if you want to find someone you have to make an effort. Everyone i know seems to be moving on except me.
By 15 years ago :: Dating
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