Why does he do this ?

Bloke I know claims to like me, says he thinks the world of me, talks to me for ages on the phone, says I'm beautiful, says he's VERY interested in me, we get on with each other, fancy each other, can have such a laugh together, have loads in common and "get" each other but I've stopped him coming to see me because sometimes he ignores me for days and always has done,I know for a fact he's not married and I don't know why he acts like this, have I upset him cause I keep saying he can't come over? Although sometimes he's cancelled on me, if I ask him why he's ignored me he says hes so sorry and doesnt mean to but blames his phone, I think he's lying, does anyone else not get texts? Or is he just a typical bloke talking out of his rear end?
By 14 years ago :: Dating
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