Why is my girlfriend mad at me?

Ok so my girl friend and i were talking on the phone and then she compared me to her ex that tryed to rape her because i cut myself and when ppl compare me to other ppl it f***ing pisses me off so i told he that i was going to go. beause i didnt want to get into a huge fight so i got off the phone to cool down. but now ive txted you at least 20 times and called 30 times ive emailed and everything. and shes disconnected with me on yahoo and emailed me this really sad poem and idk wat to do ive been up all night crying im so muh in love with this girl its not even funny . WHY IS SHE SO MAD ??? AND HOW DO I MAKE THINGS RIGHT ???? HELP!!!!!!!!!!
By 14 years ago :: Dating
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