When to travel, when to buy a house and when to start having children?

So I'm not sure this is the right place to put this, but I wanted some advice. So the background is:

My fiancee and I are getting married in Dec this year, my fiancee just had a salary review with his boss and they offered him a pitance compared to what he can get so he is looking for a new job, I am currently studying while working fulltime, My fiancee wants to buy a house as soon as possible, and I want to travel overseas prior to having children.

My original thought is that we go work over in the UK beginning of next year for 6months after our wedding, prior to purchasing a property. This leaves this year to organise the wedding, get our finances sorted, and for me to complete my studies and organise starting the next section of studies. The issues with this is that it is not a good look on his resume to jump and change jobs, also not fair to a new employer to go sorry i'm leaving the country for 6months after only working there less than a year, also it pushes back purchasing a house, etc.

The next thought we had, how about we do it right now - so we leave for six months work over in the UK, return for our wedding (most of which has already been organised). I wouldnt of finished my studies (however i might be able to sort something regarding this), its a lot going on this year, and its quite quick. The advantages for my financee, it looks really good on his resume, and then when we return he can find an awesome job with having international experience, plus I also get the travelling done before children.

The third thought is to wait, get the wedding done this year, then purchase a house next year, and then the following year rent out the house and go to and work in UK, but my financee is starting to get to the age limit on this working visa, also this pushes having children further back, and it might not happen if we have a house.

So i am not sure what we should do, so your thoughts would be great - maybe a different option we havent thought about, or which one we should do and why?
By KimC 14 years ago :: Marriage
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