unsure if the doctor is right??

basically i had abnormal cells and i had them removed about 2 months ago, but 2 weeks after the procedure i started to get heavy blood loss. i wasnt sure if it was my period becasue i'd started the pill about 1 month before the procedure. anyway it carried on for a while so i went to hospital and my doctor said that it definantly wasn't my period. i was taken to hospital thinking i would be going into theatre straight away. but when i got there noone knew what i was there for and so the " specialist " came in and had a look and decided it was my period. so he put this paste inside me which was to stop the bleeding, then prescribed me antibiotics because heavy blood loss could mean a sign of infection. anyway a week later i started getting fatigue and faint headed.i have just been told my iron is extremly low, i know its not my diet because im quite healthy. So my Question is has anyone ever experienced anything like this before and could it be possible that i may still have internal bleeding as they didnt stitch the artery my doctor saw squirting blood. Also do you think that the "specialist" is covering their ass?? sorry if this is a weird scenario :)
By awesome 14 years ago :: General
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