Can a couple last when they don't like each others parents?

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years and moved in together about a year ago. The reason we moved in together is because of our parents. My parents were getting sick of us being at my house all the time and I didn't like to go to his house because of his parents. Apart from the fact that I wasn't allowed to spend the night at his place, or even be alone together in his room.. I have never felt comfortable around his parents.

He gets angry lately because I never want to go out to dinner with him and his parents and he says that I should be the one making the effort to get to know them when they were never very friendly towards me when we first started dating. The whole time we have been together we have probably had less than a 10min conversation.

He has told me he doesn't like my parents for several reasons yet always praises his mother and step-father as though they are perfect when they are far from it. I have my reasons for disliking his parents and believe that are valid but I know if I were to tell him this he would get angry and it would probably damage our relationship.

I love him a lot and would like to spend my life with him but I've come to realise that this problem will most likely be the end of our relationship sooner or later. He has told me that his parents and I are the only things he has in life, which is true.. and that's why he wants us to get along better. I understand this but I don't think it will ever happen. I think if it comes down to it he will choose his parents over me.

I'm not sure what to do and would like to hear from anyone with similar experiences. Thank you.
By Mad_Hatter 15 years ago :: Dating
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