Help me catch my cheating wife?

I know my wife is cheating on me and despite lots of evidence I've found she insists they are just friends and has explained away all my proof. The only way I can prove it is to catch them red-handed or to get more conclusive proof. I know for a fact they plan to get together about a week from now, on a specific date, at a hotel. I don't know exactly what hotel. Help me come up with a plan to catch them.

She regularly deletes her text messages and they don't communicate via phone. They talk via Facebook chat all the time. I had her email and facebook passwords and was monitoring her that way. That is how I got my proof up until now. But she finally figured it out and changed all her passwords. Also, I work from home and have 3 kids, so getting away is tough, but I could always get a babysitter. I've already caught her lying to go meet the guy, but she insists they're just friends. The lying was to avoid me asking questions (we are having marital problems, obviously). Hope these details help. I'm trying to figure out a way to trap her.
I still love her and believe it or not I think we can still salvage our 15 year marriage and the happiness of our 3 kids. So I don't want to leave her. She has agreed to go to counseling to try to deal with the issues that led to this (we definitely have issues, but they are not insurmountable). The problem is, how can we be in counseling, working on our problems if she's still cheating. The first step to getting her to stop is getting her to admit it. It appears the only way to do that is to catch her.
By 14 years ago :: Marriage
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