How do you get over a man you were having an affair with that went back to his wife?

I became friends with a married man, started with causal conversation, then sexual fantasy talk, and then we ended up having an affair for a year. He said he loved me and wanted to be with me. He promised to take care of me and my children. Someone found out and told his wife. He told her he wanted to work on the marriage and told me he was just saying that and still wanted to see me, but we had to be careful and cautious. I couldn't take it anymore so I told his wife he was still seeing me. Our friendship still continued until someone told his boss the Super Intendent at school and they investigated, gave him a 30-day leave, and demoted him. His daughters told him to stop seeing and talking to me or they would not see or talk to him. Of course, he dropped me just like that. We became best friends, didn't expect that, but we did. We saw each other almost every day and when we weren't together we were on the phone or emailing. I still feel that he wants to be me with me, but he told me he has to and needs to do this or he will lose everything. Not once have I heard he wants to do this. Please help, I keep asking myself how can you be upset by this loser and I should be getting mad, but I miss him. Any suggestions on what I should do and ideas of how to get over this man? Do you think in time he will come back to me? How can his wife of 25 years take him back after finding out he has been involved with another woman for two years?
By 14 years ago :: Marriage
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