"Should Kenny give up the living room for us sometimes?"

I live with my boyfriend and his best friend, my boyfriend and I share a room and his friend has the 2nd room, his best friend, Kenny, has his HDTV set up in our living room (a common area) along with his xbox, now Kenny likes to play xbox literally, there are days where I will hear him playing when I get up, when I make lunch, dinner, go out, coming back, and before I go to sleep, it's rediculous. Now the only time I get to watch tv in our living room, wich I pay my share of the tv bill, is on weekends for about 2 hours may 3 total. My problem is that he is always and I mean ALWAYS in the living room neither my boyfriend nor myself ever get time to spend in there, and when I wanted my sister to come and spend the night while she was on vacation, he said no b/c she would have to sleep in our living room and he still wanted to game. I had my own tv so it being his tv is not an issue here I think he needs to move his xbox into his room and leave the living room up to everyone. So the question is "Should Kenny give up the living room for us sometimes?"
By ashhan86 15 years ago :: Roommates
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