No more pics with birth family?

Once a child grows up, leaves the nest, it reasonable to think that having his/her picture made with his/her birth family (and without their significant other) is rude?

At holidays....I like to get pics of my child WITH her spouse....and pics of her spouse with the family (group shots)....but I also want pics of the children I gave birth to ONLY....daughter refuses to "engage in such rude behavior". I even tried to get a pic of my 3 children with their grandmother last Christmas and she pulled her husband into the pic (my kids are 25, 15 and 6).

If I didn't MAKE A POINT to include him in all sorts of pictures I would get it...but this seems ridiculous and childish. How would she like it if every time they went to have a "couples" pic taken I jumped in saying that my feelings were hurt and I should be included? Good grief....thoughts?

By MakeMineTea 14 years ago :: General
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