Should I tolerate a Facebook V Marriage/Family dilemma?

About a month ago, I found that my husband was having an inappropriate online relationship with a female he knew from his school days. They were sending sexually explicit photos to each other, but my husband explained it as just a bit of fun to see who could shock each other the most. He also spends as much time as he can and I will allow on Facebook and playing one of the applications - Knighthood. It is a role playing game that sees him communicating with 100's of others in their 'kingdoms'. Since he started playing this RPG, he has also loaded Skype and talks to these gamers in real time evryday.
I feel so hurt by the cheating and feel that my trust in him has now gone. He believes that I am over reacting and that there was nothing in it. He can't understand why I'm still hurt a month later. I also feel that his family (2 yo and 5 month old)is being neglected by the fact that he spends so much time on the computer. He constantly growls and swears at the kids and I feel that they are just an inconvenience for him. My 2 yo has been displaying some rather disturbing behvaiour of late and I don't really understand what it all means. I'm thinking of moving the kids and myslef out of the home, even just temporarily to see if things change. I want to do what's right for my kids and not emotionally scar them forever. My kids are everything to me and I want to do what's right. I am starting counselling today to see if that will help. What do you think?
By Kellie 15 years ago :: Marriage
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