What should I think about his response?

So my husband has two kids from a prior relationship and i get to see them every weekend (they are great kids I love them to death) but I would like for us to have a child some day. Not any time soon because he is deployed, we want to sell the house we have/get a new one, and I want for us to be financially secure enough to have a child. Generally he says he has had his kids and doesnt want any more, doesnt like to talk about it cause then a baby happens, and he has had a really bad experience in this department. We have a great relationship and dont fight about this but the answer has pretty much been on the no side. So i decided to get an iud so i didnt have to take a daily reminder and its more long-term etc. Not pushing the kid issue but when I told him i finally had the appointment to do it he said i didnt have to get it but i told him it was the right thing to do. The day i got it, I spoke with him again and he asked if it could be taken out sooner then the 5 years and told me i could have it removed at any point. I had "his blessing" to have it taken out. Im still not going to push the issue but am i wrong for thinking this was his way of saying he is getting warmer to the idea?
By prrfctlyflawed 14 years ago :: Parent/Child
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