he likes me? he likes me not?

so two years ago i met this guy, F through a friend. F was a really really nice guy. he's polite to older people. he talks nicely to everyone. actually the reason i met him was because my friend has asked me to go with her to do her research. my friend and F were in a group. so i went with them and i had a great time. what i never told anybody was that i had fallen for F. but the thing is, two years ago, he already has a girlfriend, so the story stops there.
but a year later, i asked for F's help and he was eager to help. i asked him to drive me and my friends to town because we didn't have a car. so on the day, i found out that he had just broken up with his girlfriend like two weeks ago. firstly, i was sorry for him because his ex cheated on him, and at the same time, i felt a little happy because now i can actually like him without feeling bad.
so anyway, we had a great time that day, F and i talked, joked laughed. we had fun. and he looks like he was having fun. but the thing is, the moment we got back, he stopped talking to me. he wont reply my messages, he wont answer my calls. i was so sad so i tried to get over him.
a few months later, i heard from his friend/roommate that he actually likes me. and that got my hopes high. but then again, if he did like me, why was he trying to run away from me?
and this year, i tried to call him. i was determined to ask him why he was avoiding me. i was kindda surprised that he actually answered my call. lol. so anyway, i asked him if he was angry with me but he said, very nicely, that he was not angry and that i shouldn't think anything worst. so for a few days, we texted (i think he was just trying to prove to me that he was not angry). a few days later, i needed his help. i asked him if he could drive to town and he said, "sure, but would i mind if he brought his girlfriend". i felt like throwing my phone out the window. so i said, sure, bring her along. and from that moment, he stopped replying anymore messages. what the hell is going on? his roommate said that he actually really really like me. and now i think i've stopped trusting him or his roommate. i feel so stupid.
can anybody tell me what the hell is he doing to me?
By 20sgirl 14 years ago :: Dating
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