Should my husband put me before his family?

We have been married for only 2.5 years and in this time have had quite a few arguments, but all tend to be centred around his family. Sometimes he defends them and their actions, other times he hates them just as much as I do. We have a one year old and I am half way pregnant again so I am not sure if my getting angry is part of the whole hormonal rollercoaster, but my point is lately my husband will take his family's side over mine. I have never been nasty to them despite what I might say about them behind their back (low I know), but they have actually been quite nasty to me, to the point where now they won't even acknowledge me or my son in the street. Yet my husband still runs to visit them at every spare minute he gets, always doing jobs for them and taking up all his free time with them so not able to spend much time with me. If I complain then I am just a whinger and it all ends up in a huge fight. I don't want to fight for the sake of my son and unborn child, so now just have to sit and take it. My husband works long hours so I am on my own quite a bit, and as i have said when he is not working he is doing stuff for them. It is hard to get out and see friends when you have a yound child to accomodate too. I am not sure if it is all in my head, but sitting on my own all the time i just seem to stew on it and hate my in-laws more and more.
By TeJay 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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