why has he agreed to date her?

"Until I noticed so many phone calls he would not answer when he came to visit me, when I asked him to answer his phone he said he did not know the numbers and he switched off his phone.

Once I wan in his house he got a text, he asked me to leave. When I borrowed his phone to make a phone call, I noticed many women's numbers with specification of meeting places, eg Kate from Cafe De PARIS, Linda from Chinawhites.

I do not have problems with him having female friends but he never has introduced me to any of these female friends of his, I have introduced him to my male friends. I have nothing to hide

We have been dating for 3 years, he said he does not want to marry me perhaps next year.

He is not available at night during the week, he says he has business meetings. I accept.

He travels every week, he says business meeting. I accept.

He sees me on his terms as and when he wants.

I asked if he had an account with facebook, he replied no.

Then my friend and I were playing and typed in his email address and found him. she send him an email, and he added her on his account on facebook, and he asked her to go out with him (he does not know my friend).

She asked him if he had girfriend, fiancee, or married, he replied no, and that he wanted to meet her intimately.

He keeps writing to her and asking her out during the day.

I want to end it with him, but I do not know how, any help please.

Advice has been to send my friend to meet him, second advice has been to go and meet him myself when he has app with her.

I do not want to put myself through this, trust has been broken and I have naive.

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her side
By zyba 15 years ago :: Dating
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