Should I tell my husband how embarrassed I am, or focus on finding out if he really feels left off my list?

My husband and I work together (and yes, we really have fun at it!). We had a couple of people in our office with us for 3 days. During lunch on day 1, we were talking about aerial wolf hunts. I expressed my concerns about it, and one of our two guests explained the plight of ranchers. I was listening intently when my husband interrupted and said, "Guys, you've got to understand about my wife. First comes our daughter, then herself, then our two dogs, then our parakeet, and (as he gestured holding his hand near the floor) I'm somewhere down here on the food chain."

Whoa! I was so shocked. I view ours as a loving, giving, caring marriage, and plenty of give and take on both sides. We've always treated each other with love and respect. Sex is good, and we have a good balance in responsibilities and interests. We have alot of fun together. I was so caught off guard. I then had to spend the next 2 days with these other 2 people and was really uncomfortable. I was so humiliated. I'm just not sure which direction to go with this.

On one hand, I want my husband to know how demeaning this was to me, but on the other hand, I want to see what's behind the comments. Any suggestions on a good approach? Thanks.
By whatthe 14 years ago :: Marriage
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