Why did he leave when I didn't do anything?

My husband of 8 years left me last Friday . He had been washing all of his clothes for the 4 days straight prior to leaving and folding them all neatly and putting them away. I found this very odd because he never does his Laundry at all. He also had been trying to pick fights with me for those 4 days as well. I had a feeling he was up to something. One of these days he had me so angry after trying to pick a fuss that I took the kids and had dinner at my mothers. I just didn't want to engage any farther with him because I could really tell he wanted to argue. I thought leaving him here alone would let him see what he would be missing if we were not with him but no while I was gone he went to a bar with a friend and wasn't back even though I was gone about 3 hours. My hubby does not drink he goes to play pool so I wasnt worried about him drinking. This made me so mad because earlier that day he had made me miss my gym class because he wasnt home to watch the kids. So anyway Friday he started yet again and I lost my temper and went off on him. He then began telling me that I treated him badly and that all I do is fuss but its just not true! He also said that he never gets to go any where or do anything. My hubby works 6 days a week 10 hours days (by choice) I have asked him to cut back so we could see each other more but he is sort of a workaholic. I have never had problems w/ him spending time with friends as long as I saw him at some point. He has been going out about 2 times a week, just to a friends house to visit or to play pool. Oh and he is really good about not flirting w/ other girls..I have never had to worry about that. I was his first real girlfriend and his first sexual partner and he is just very respectful about that part of our marriage. I however like staying home most of the time and he never has trouble finding me. SO Im completely confused because the reason he says he left just didn't happen. He has been gone since and its Wed. morning now and I havnt spoken to him in 3 days. He wont talk to me..Does anyone have any clue? Do you think maybe he truly sees stuff defferently - wrong? BTW I am 29 years old and he is 28- maybe its almost being 30 or something??? Any help would be great Im going crazy w/out him and not understanding...
By jellyorjam 15 years ago :: Marriage
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