Do I still have a chance?

So my friends one day told this girl that I like her but didnt even knew who she was.She adds me on facebook starts talkin to me if i liked her or not and the time i was like whos this lol.So it blew off after like a week.A couple weeks later my friend tells me this girls really likes me.I still ignored because i never met her before and we had no lucnhes or any class togethor.One day I left my facebook on andmy friend posed as me and started talkin to her in a really wierd way and told her I liked her even though i didnt at the time. I tried to tell her on fb that it wasent me but she never responded and since we have no classes togethor it wouldve been so awkward to run up to her to tell her it wasent me who said that.So i still have no idea if she knew that was me or not.Now its been a a month in half and i havent heard from her since.Every other day I see her in the hallways and she smiles.I dont know whats goin on
By 14 years ago :: Dating
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