Am I overreacting and uncaring?

I have been dating this guy for about a month.. I must admit we do argue alot and I feel like its too soon for that.. There are times I call his phone and I won't get a call back for sometimes 2-3 hours or even a day.. I have stayed at his house plenty of times and nothing seems out of the ordinary but you never know... His reason for not answering the phone or not calling back are always out of this world and its something as a girlfriend I shoulkd be supportive about and not get mad.. But theres only so much you can take.. So the other day it happened again his phone was turned off and he was suppose to be on his way to my house.. Yea he called 2 hours later claiming he had a run in with the police.. I was furious, I was mad and was treating him like crap because theres only so much I can put up with.. He then tried to switch on me and say I'm spoiled and shouldn't be treating him like that.. What do you think
By GDLC86 14 years ago :: Dating
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