is this guy really into me?

im seeing this guy i have had a huge crush on for thepast 15 years. 14 years ago he dated my much cuter best friend for a year. he was always so nice to me then and we were close i felt a vibe but didnt act. he went to prison and over the years we kept in contact. heis out and we have talked for 6 months and have desided to take our relationship to the next level. the problem is i have never meet any of his new friends. i feel like he is ashamed to b around me. i haven asked him this cuz also when he is with his friends im at work and im thinking now that we are really together we will hang out with each others friends together now, i dont know i just think that since he is soooo hot and im soooo not that something is up. he did get my name tattooed on him tho does that count for anything?
By tuesday 14 years ago :: Dating
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