Is he wrong or am i wrong?

I have been married for 6 years. My best friend lives not even a mile up the road and has come to my house a few times (we moved here in november). today she came over and about 30 min later my husband arrived. he had gotten off early and i called him when he was on his way home (i didnt know he was off yet) we were talking then a few min later he said "what are you doing" I said "looking out the window" then we continued to talk and he ask again..."what are you doing" and i said cleaning (which i do while she is here). then he said "what are the kids doing" and i said" downstairs playing" then he ask me "what are yall doing?" and confused why he was asking the same question over and over again i ask him "why are u asking that over and over agian?" He said "because im sitting in the drive way and meagans car is here". He came in said hi to us, sat downstairs with everyone for a min then went to the bedroom. after she left we got into an argument because he says i was intentionaly lieing to him. That is insane! i didnt think it would matter seeing as she has been here a a few times before. and what reason would i have to lie. when i say this to him he says "i dont know but i know u kept trying to dance around the question! so please i need an outsiders input!
By 14 years ago :: Marriage
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