Do you think women who had little earning money or worked throughout the entire marriage get large alimony?

I dont think that a woman or man for that fact should be entitled to money or property that they would not have earned after a divorce. Many people use the excuse that in alot of cases with rich man and poor woman that the woman should get close to half because she contributed to his success by staying at the home while he worked but I disagree for the most part. Because what about the woman who was unemployed or earning minimum wage that marries a rich guy even if the guy would have paid her as a nanny for taking care of the kids and butler services that is way less than what these women are awarded? What about the case in which the wife did work full time and did not earn as much as he did? Also alot of time people dont factor in the luxurious gifts that these women get such as cars, clothes, possibly yachts, expensive dinners, and trips, and being respected by their friends for having a man of economic power.

Also this belief of men taking care of women basically just strengthens the argument of men or women who still have the belief that women should be in the kitchen and get high positions.
By 14 years ago :: Marriage
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