HOw much going out is too much?

I'm 7 months pregnant. My husband committed to going out only once per week. He has started going out more than that. If I try to bring up his "committment", he argues until its not worth it for me to push the issue and just let him go.

Every time he goes out, he comes home drunk, letting someone else drive him home. It usually happens twice per week. Then I have to deal with a VERY mean drunk at home. He yells, screams and tells me "You're dead to me". Then I get to deal with his crap apology the next morning and take him to his car.

Tonight I get a call at 12:30am from some girl named Michelle. She sounds sober and says she's giving him a ride home. Why can't he call me? Why the f*** have some random stranger call me? Why does he have to get so drunk? 6 hours at the bar seems excessive to me when you have a pregnant wife at home waiting for you.

He says I'm too controlling. I just hate having to sit at home waiting for him. We both made this baby but I'm the only one having to stop everything to deal with it. He's still the same old, drinking, boozing, jerk. Am I wrong?
By Kate14610 14 years ago :: Parent/Child
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