Career or Adventure?

So I am 26, live with my partner in a lovely house. We have been together for 4 years and marriage babies etc will be on the cards in the next few years. I have been working full time for a while and have saved up some money. I am also due to start my PhD soon.
While I do want all of this to happen, I have always loved to travel but have not done as much exploring as I would have liked to do before settling down (I have lived abroad for a year, and travelled around europe for 4 months). So I am thinking of applying to teach english as a foreign language in a summer camp in china, with the intention of travelling around the far east for a month afterwards.
I think this would be amazing, but would use up almost all of my savings. My partner and I have separate money and pay half of our rent each (which I would continue doing while away) However, we usually save up for things (a new TV, car etc) together so it would take me a lot longer to be able to save up after this. I would also be leaving my partner for 3 months - I don't think this will affect our relationship but he would be stuck at home while I am having the time of my life!
My partner is very supportive and says that I should do this as it is the chance of a lifetime (he has even offered to pay my rent for me while I am away - I have refused this). What do you think? Am I being selfish? Should I go? or should I spend some of the money on a short holiday for both of us and then get on with life (which is pretty good!) but not quite satisfy my want for adventure?
By Mar23 14 years ago :: General
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