How would you respond if your older sister did this...?

I am 15 years old and my older 25 year old sister came over for my dad's 45th birthday today. We were sitting in the dining room playing UNO when my sister grabs my mom's camera and begins looking at the picture. While looking through she sees a picturing of me eating a dessert one day and makes this comment, " Oh, there's DisneyTraveler7 eating... SHOCKER!". She said this in front of everyone at the party and I am not sure who heard it but it felt like everyone did. I was having to hole back the tears and my sister began to apologize repeatedly as if she was scared. I had to leave the room and when I did she followed me into the kitchen. She began to tell me how she did not mean it "that way". And gave an excuse that made no sense, and when she looked at me she could notice that I did not believe her and I really didn't. She also went on to tell me that I should not mention it to my mom either because she did not need anything else to deal with in counseling. My mom and sis go to counseling to deal with some of their general problems between each other and my sister didn't want me to cause anymore problems for her. I told her that if I got upset and needed to confide in my mom I would, and I have. After all that she left for the night. What she said was very offensive and hurt me, but now what should I do? What am I supposed to say to her when I face her again?
By TardisBlue 13 years ago :: General
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