Am I expecting too much from a friend ?

A friend that I met over 10 years ago had a falling out and we have just become friends again over a year ago. I was not around for her wedding and the same with mine, we were also not in contact when I had my son nearly 2 years ago. My friend found out that she was pregnant and I was absolutely ecstatic for her, I supported her all the way through the pregnancy, even asking questions on Y.A. about having an amnio during pregnancy and was always there for her.

She was due on Wednesday so I sent her a text asking if there was any signs yet, I received no reply. Then at 3.30 this afternoon I got a text saying that she had a baby boy on her due date 3 days ago.

I was a little put out so wrote back to her saying thanks for telling me 3 days later that you had him, I congratulated them both and that was it, did not ask the name or anything else. I am sure she will be upset with this, but I am upset too.

When I went into labor with my son I sent a text on the way to the hospital, as they were stitching me up I sent another and my husband went outside and called my closest friends to tell them as soon as our son was born.

When I told my husband about my friend he said "Oops, got shafted again" because a previous friend waited 3 months to tell me she had her boy. This friend I told in no uncertain terms what I thought of her as she changed her number so I could not contact her.

Do I expect too much from people ? Am I right to be a little upset ?
By trissh 14 years ago :: Friends
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