Am I just being a crazy b*tch??

I don't know why this is affecting me so much. I have been with my partner for 4 (close to 5) years now. We have a good relationship, work freelance jobs (our income is a bit flexible), we don't argue, we love each other heaps and everything seems fine.

I guess the problem is that I don't see us moving forward. We started looking at buying a house three years ago but found that most houses we looked at were either not "quite right", couldn't find anything within our price range that was acceptable or he would offer a lot lower than asking price and we would lose out. Then when the GFC hit we stopped for a bit and he is not too eager to start looking again. He keeps waiting for the "perfect" house.

We are not overly kiddy people and so the fact he does not want kids doesn't bother me at all (I would prefer a kitten) but I do want to get married one day. It's really important to me and he has known this for a while and at last discussion, he said he is waiting for the "perfect" moment to propose.

It just seems like he is more into waiting for perfection to just happen on it's own than taking positive steps to have it happen. And while I try not to push the issue I am finding every three to six months I have a bit of a meltdown and a loss of faith in the fact that one of these things will, indeed, happen. I feel like I will be waiting forever because I don't think the perfect house (or moment) will just happen. I don't discuss this with him because I don't want him to be pressured into it but I am losing faith.

Am I just insane?? I don't want to be in this same position in 5 years time, still waiting for him to do something.
By AntySoshal 14 years ago :: Dating
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