Husband is allowing his kids into our marriage? What to do?

My husband's daughters were here eight months ago and witnessed an argument that got pretty ugly. He was drinking and I had grown very intolerant of it. They seem to hold me 100% responsible, and their dad has allowed this to go on and on.

Yesterday during a Skype conversation, one accused me of calling her dad a b*stard. I did no such thing. She is 10 and yesterday, he firmly corrected her. However, the reason this continues is that he hasn't been firm with them.

The 14 year old has been here to visit twice and chosen not to speak to me, and he's done nothing over my objection.

This has gotten so frustrating and really old.

I have a daughter also, who is 12. She occasionally is less than respectful, and I address it immediately. I also pointed out to my husband last night that she isn't really allowed an opinion about my marriage. I expect her to get along, not constantly express disapproval of my choice of spouse.

I think he's letting his kids have a lot of power in an adult situation. There's no way adolescents can understand the intricacies of marriage, and it's like he's letting them constantly express an opinion of me and our marriage.

What would you do in this sitution?
By ouragon 14 years ago :: Marriage
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