Dating, but not exclusive...what's it all mean? I have been out of the dating world for about 1 1/2 years, I went through a divorce last year. Now I think I am ready to date. I have 2 children, great job, house, all that stuff. So I recently reconnected with a guy I went to high school with, we were close in HS. We caught up on our lives etc, I mentioned to him that he should find me a good guy. He said he would. Sooo he did and it started off with the guy adding me on Facebook. It was random comments or posts he make on my page, or then he would send me emails via FB. After about a month he gave me his phone number and we texted alot. Probably 2-3 weeks of doing that we went on our first date. It was AWESOME. Then over the next weeks he would come over or I went to his place, like twice a week. a total of 6 times hanging out together (we had had sex on the 3rd date). We really mesh well, and joke and have lots of common interests. So about a week ago I asked him via text if we were exclusive or if he was dating many girls. He said no that he wasn't really dating other girls, but that we werent exclusive. He stated he didn't want to rush into anything and that he has a lot of fun with me and wants to hang out with me, but he is enjoying being single. If you were to look on his FB its him and all his guy friends joking with one another talking sports etc. It isn't the typical guy that has a million girls he talks to on his page. I really believe that he is a good guy, but it is soo hard for me to not have the control. If he were to say we were exclusive, I would be happy, doesn't have to be a relationship. I think I am over analyzing everything. Just this dating thing is new to me. He has only been in one true relationship and it was the only girl he ever loved, that lasted 3 years and he has been single for 1 1/2 years. I know a lot of it is we had sex so the emotional girly stuff happens. Also, he is a good guy and I really in truly want more with me. I dont want to rush either. I have been in poor relationships in the past and I want things to be diff. It has been 2 months exactly since he added me on FB. So anyways that's the jist of it. Am I rushing things and just over analyzing? Any helpful advice out there???
By 14 years ago :: Dating
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